6 - Full-Text Search

Notes are only useful if you can find them quickly. Quiver's full-text search is based on Search Kit, the same technology used to power Spotlight on your mac. That’s how Quiver can search through thousands of notes in a blink of an eye.
To search all the notes, click the search button on the top right corner. You can search by keyword, title or #tag.
You can also search within a notebook. First open the notebook, then enter keyword or #tag in the search field at the bottom of the note list. This search field does the same full-text search as the global search field, but the search results are filtered to the current note list.

If you want to find text within a note, use ⌘F. It will bring up a find bar like this:

Use ⌘G (or return key) to find the next occurrence, and ⇧⌘G (or shift+return) to find the previous occurence.

The find bar works in both the editor and the preview.